Rise of the Slime review

Rise of the Slime

Published & copyrighted by Bunkovsky Games

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From intense Rogue Deckbuilder action to exploring beautiful worlds filled with enhanced gardens (and sexy radishes) help slime on his road to redemption. We also have fancy hats!

Explore Diverse Worlds

Discover a whimsical world, with marshy swamplands, sizzling lakes of fire and enchanted gardens filled with squeaky turnips.

A deep deckbuilder with a twist!

Develop your own strategies with more than 100 magical cards! You can venomize your Slime with acid, unleash its inner-pyromaniac, or buff it into a gutsy brawler..

No playthrough is ever the same!

With gameplay mutators, shifting routes and extensive deck build variations, each playthrough of Rise of the Slime is unique! Your journey doesn't have to be alone... even take a pet or two with you!


  • Intense deckbuilding action with 100+ magical cards to discover
  • Explore diverse worlds in real-time, from sizzling fire-drenched landscapes to beautiful enchanted gardens
  • No run is ever the same! (Shifting routes, gameplay mutators, and more!)
  • Bring a pet with you on your travels (warning: pets may spit acid!)


Rise of the Slime Rise of the Slime
Rise of the Slime
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