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Dude, your car!

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Play pranks on your friends and family! Most popular and best app for April Fool's!

New Damages: Tow Trucks, Bullet Holes, Traffic Signs, Injuries!

Can you master the art of pranking? Try the app and show us what you can do!

Watch the famous prankster Dennis Roady on youtube using our app and prank luxury car owners!

What users say:


I had so much fun with this app. Scared the daylights out of my dad ;) he really thought his car was dented and scratched!


I had a lot of fun watching my friend freak out and run out to check on his car in the rain! Sweet app!


I dented a tesla! And my aunts car, she almost had a heart attack. I also dented a girl at the bar! Haha

Creative idea!


“Dude, your car!” is an application that all you pranksters at heart will appreciate. Use this app to trick anyone into thinking their car has been damaged or totaled (depending on how much you think they can handle). And guess what? It won’t take more than one minute of your time! The look on their face as they race to see what’s happened to their car will be priceless.


1) Take pictures or use existing pictures from your album

2) Apply one or all of the following damage types:



Broken Glass

Car boot

Fire or Smoke

3) Adjust the size, shape, orientation, contrast, brightness, opacity of the selected damage type

4) Save the edited image to your album or email it

How To Use The Application

Step 1. Select/take a picture of the car you plan on using.

Step 2. Mark the area where you wish to apply the damage.

Step 3. Apply a damage type (e.g. dent, scratch, broken glass, boot).

Step 4. Adjust the damage type by using the available tools

Step 5. Repeat steps 2-4 if you are applying more than one damage type.

Step 6. Take a moment to enjoy the masterpiece you have created.

Step 7. Save or share the picture via email or facebook.

Additional Tips

1) The quality of the damage is only limited by your fantasy!

2) Add / overlay several damages to make the damage more realistic.

3) You can move or re-size the damage on the car with the your fingers.

4) Use the “Eraser” tool to adjust the edges of the damage.

More Info

For more information on “Dude, your car!” go to mobilaga.com, visit our Facebook profile at mobilaga.com/facebook, or follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/mobilaga

Watch the video at youtube.com/mobilaga !!!

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Dude, your car! Dude, your car!
Dude, your car!
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