Your Guide to Destiny 2: Weekly Reset, Raid Rotations

  • 30-10-2023 |
  • Polad Aladi

There's a wave of new challenges for Destiny 2 gamers this week with the refresh of the game's weekly reset. This week sees an assortment of exciting activities, challenges, and rewards, including Nightfalls, Crucible modes, and Season 22's Hive-themed events. Not without controversy, the fallout of the disappointing news regarding the layoffs at Bungie and the delay of "The Final Shape" expansion continues to make waves within the dedicated fanbase. This report is filled with essential details you'll need to navigate through the Destiny 2 world this week!

Reimagining a Classic: Nightfall and Legacy Content

Reimagining a Classic Nightfall and Legacy Content

The weekly Nightfall Strike is The Devil’s Lair, bringing a range of Hero, Legend, Master, and Grandmaster modifiers that will test the skills of the players. Also, the current Nightfall weapon up for grabs is the much-touted Warden's Law Hand Cannon adept. This week also sees the rotation of legacy content; the Trove Guardian is in Anchor of Light, while the Wandering Nightmare is the Nightmare of Horkis, Fear of Mithrax.

Rousing Raid and Dungeon Rotations

Thanks to Bungie's brilliant move in Season 17 to create rotating older Raids and Dungeons, players can now enjoy farmable older generated content. This week in the gaming universe of Destiny 2, the Vault of Glass is the spotlighted Raid, and Prophecy emerged as the featured dungeon - all with updated rewards to enhance gamers' collections.

Season of the Witch Activities

The new season, Season of the Witch, is in full swing and as Eris Morn takes on Xivu Arath. In addition to the seasonal challenges and the bountiful battle pass, the season brings back Altars of Summoning, pitting players against increasing numbers of foes, and Savathun's Spire, orchestrating a series of boss fights. Furthermore, with the revival of Crota's End, players can now confront the Hive Prince and gain unique armor sets and gear.

Weekly Mission and Rotating Exotic

Weekly Mission and Rotating Exotic

The weekly rotating mission sees the Ahimsa Park: First Contact as the Campaign Mission. Simultaneously, the exotic mission rotation for this season brings the Vox Obscura, offering players the chance to run through to earn new rewards. This rotation also allows gamers to gather resources and seasonal gear by wiping out objectives ranging from conquering seasonal content to conducting various activities.

All Eyes on Xur

Finally, the weekly Destiny 2 feature would only be complete by mentioning the expected weekend visit from Xur, the exotic stock merchant with a hoard of sought-after items. Last weekend, Xur's inventory was a treasure trove of legendary shards such as Winter's Guile, Young Ahamkara's Spine, and Peacekeepers - all costing a mere 23 Legendary Shards. He further surprised players by offering the Hawkmoon Hand Cannon and various heavy weapons for sale.

Get ready to explore the wide range of challenges, activities, rewards, and rotational content that this Destiny 2 resets brings this week!