Unleashing the Secret of Crafting Bronze in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

  • 31-10-2023 |
  • Polad Aladi

Welcome, fellow adventurers of Middle Earth! It's time to delve deep into the wisdom of crafting in the dark corners of Moria. Crafting skill is fundamental to your survival, and no material is more crucial than Bronze in the Moria's treacherous Western Halls. Today, we'll precisely guide you on how to obtain and craft this valuable alloy - Bronze!

Understanding the Importance of Bronze in Middle Earth

Understanding the Importance of Bronze in Middle Earth

Bronze is the pivotal material in the third tier in the Return to Moria game. As the terrain gets more treacherous in the Western Halls, Bronze offers you better weapons, armor, and tool upgrades. To be able to craft Bronze, you need the Bronze Ingot recipe, which requires exploration and a Furnace upgrade. Remember, Bronze Ingots are made from an alloy of Copper and Tin, just like Steel Ingots.

Gathering the Materials: Copper and Tin Ore

To craft Bronze Ingot, you need three pieces each of Copper and Tin Ore. You can mine these ores with your trusty Steel Pickaxe. The enthralling Western Mines is your go-to place to obtain these ores. And to turn Copper and Tin into Bronze, you will also need the Bellows upgrade for your Furnace.

Scatter around the Elven Quarter and Western Mines to locate a bright green-orange deposit – your Copper Ore. However, be extra cautious while searching for Tin Ore. It's less common than Copper, and you can identify it as a silver ore with red specks. The abundance of Tin Ore can only be found deeper in the daunting Western Mine tunnels amidst many Orcs.

Upgrading Your Furnace: The Bellows Upgrade

Upgrading Your Furnace The Bellows Upgrade

No worries, fellow adventurer; the necessary materials for this upgrade are readily accessible in the Elven Quarter. Here goes the secret formula for the Bellows:

  • Eight pieces of Elven Wood
  • Four Steel Ingots
  • Four Hide

Simply craft the Bellows and place it close to the Furnace. Voila! Now, you are ready to create your Bronze Ingots, each requiring 45 seconds of patience.

Wrapping Up the Bronze Ingot Crafting

With your Furnace upgraded and ores in hand, commence the crafting of Bronze Ingots. Remember, the journey in the Western Halls is fraught with peril, but with Bronze, you are ready to fight on!

Embark on the path of becoming a master craftsman in Lord of the Rings: Return To Moria. It’s time to harness the power of Bronze and rise victorious against the Orcs. And always remember, every great accomplishment starts with the decision to try.